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Tiffany Matthé


I am in my second year at UBC studying Engineering Physics with an interest in technology and sustainability.

Work Experience

I recently finished a summer research job with The Quantum Matter Institute at UBC. This included writing MATLAB code to analyse data, and designing new components for machines with SolidWorks. ⚛️

For my co-op at Ausenco, I designed interactive dashboards with Power BI and created an online catalog of engineering standards.

I have also helped kids with math and reading at Kumon.

Technical Experience and Projects

Outside of class, you can find me designing a solar car chassis with UBC Solar. ☀️

I am also learning to code by building projects such as Round Recipes.


I write about my various thoughts on becoming our better selves, and send out a biweekly newsletter called Mind the Gap to over 600 subscribers. If you want to read some of my writing, I recommend starting with The Art of Not Thinking.

During school, you can find me studying at the various libraries on campus and volunteering at engineering-related events such as UBC Imagine Day.

If you would like to get in touch, please email me. It is my first and last name with gmail. 📬

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Every other Tuesday, I send out an issue on learning better, productivity, and creativity. This includes my own writing, essays I find online, book suggestions, and other interesting links.

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